Thank you all very much for your generous participation and commitment to
“Making A Difference and Saving Lives!!”

The simple matter of fact is that even after 65 years since the creation of Dana Farber Cancer Institute and The Jimmy Fund, people are still losing their lives to all types of cancer. Great strides have been made but we need to continue the fight.

What IF IT WAS YOUR CHILD DYING?? How hard would you fight, how much more effort would you commit ??

The Annual Texas Jimmy Fund Golf Tournament was created by a random email from The Jimmy Fund asking for our support. We thought, just because a couple of us Bostonian transplants in Houston could get together, watch a Sox game or two and raise a few bucks to send back home for the Annual WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon, that we could grow our efforts. We starting out sitting around a table throwing around a bunch of ideas, called all our friends and begged for donations for a charity 2,000 miles away that hardly anyone in Texas knew.

To date, The Annual Texas Jimmy Fund Golf Tournament has raised almost $65,000.00 and is supported by such prominent Houstonians as Dr. Ron Grabowski of Houston Sports Rehabilitation and Nutrition Center, and Houston Astros legend and VIP Guest, Larry Dierker.  In addition, our success could not have been achieved without the continued generosity from owner Anthony Wegmann and GM Colby Van Cleave of Lucky’s Pub, Joe Dotterwich, owner of Bullshirts and the many other local businesses, personalities and members of local civil service.

The Texas Jimmy Fund Golf Tournament is a 501 (c)3 tax exempt event that complies with the requirements of The Jimmy Fund Golf Program and Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI), Boston, MA.  The Tax Identification Number is 04-2263040. We reserve the right to confirm your individual contribution.

We want to remind you that only amounts in excess of $68.00 per participant are tax deductable.

As a requirement of The Jimmy Fund Golf Program, the committee of The Annual Texas Jimmy Fund Golf Program is required by law to furnish pre tournament projections, post tournament statements and in-kind donation statements.

For any questions or confirmation of financial matters, please contact:

Johnny Matthews
The Annual Texas Jimmy Fund Golf Tournament
(713) 502-3705 or